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A boar along with two foxes

Unlocked in Dry Gulch, but also known to roam to Danger Woods and Big Rock for tasty mushrooms-their favorite snack, the boar can be an aggressive animal. With the male's bony tusks, they can certainly leave a scratch. The boar forages for anything they can find-from berries to mushrooms-to seeds and even smaller animals such as rats.

Appearance and TraitsEdit

Boars have reddish to brown or grey fur. The have tusks that come out of their mouths and hooves. They strut around and make squealing noises.

In personality, boars are grumpy animals who will fight over anything, like badgers. They don't make friends easily and are very protective of their families.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Like the pigs descended from them, boars are gregarious animals. They remain close to their families and rummage together for anything edible. Though few predators pose a serious threat, these omnivores are fiercely protective and will readily defend their piglets.

Favorite FoodsEdit

Porcini Mushroom

Fly Agaric Mushroom

Chanterelle Mushroom

Panther Cap Mushroom


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Common names in GameEdit