Castle Hill is a large land and the fourth land you unlock in SimAnimals for the Wii. It has a river running through the middle and near the middle of the river there is an island with a castle-like structure on it. A beaver already lives there-often named Alan-and you are first asked to make the beaver build a dam. When he does, the river expands and becomes a lake. Plants that exist in Castle Hill-are chestnut trees, maple trees, ash trees, water lilies, bulrushes, crocus, water hyacinths, water lettuce, rhododendron bushes, mint, and witchgrass. Animals that live there are usually beavers-a female one usually comes-ducks, hedgehogs, chickadees, and I had three beavers, a hedgehog, two ducks, a wigeon, a heron, a swan, a goose, a wolf and a dog living all at Castle Hill-and they are all happy. Except the swan-he recently

Simanimals castl

Artist's depiction

got eaten by the wolf.

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