The cat in SimAnimals seems to be a Calico Longhair. It has brown and orange mottle fur and a white belly. Cats strut around found in Snobby Manor and Big Rock-and feed on mostly flowers-but their lion side comes out in them often and they will readily eat birds and mice.But just like the mice, cats cannot mate, in the game. This goes for dogs, too.

Appearance and TraitsEdit

The cat is a Calico Longhair, with black spots, a white stomach and an orange back. They are heavyset with short leg and a flat face.

In personality, cats are pampered and spoiled animals, they often sneak up on sleeping animals. They can be shy towards other animals at times if it can be aggressive.

In-Game descriptionEdit

There exists a common myth about cats having nine lives, but this fluffy kitty has only one-and a luxurious one at that! Though domesticated, this curious and sneaky feline proves to be a skilled predator of small rodents and birds.

Favorite FoodsEdit






Kitty returns to the soft life at night, curling up in it's comfy cat bed. Occasionally though, cats will enjoy the night life, and hunt then.

Wild cats will make their homes in hollowed out tree trunks and stumps. They may also inhabit burrows they have taken from smaller creatures.

Common Names in gameEdit

Puffs (Male)

Penelope (Female)