Black capped chickadee

A chickadee

This small and energetic bird is easily recognized by the black and white markings on it's face and gets it's name, the chickadee, from it's song "chick a dee dee, chick a dee dee". This bird darts around the forest, eating on seeds and berries, as well as insects. In SimAnimals for the Wii, they are unlocked in Castle Hill and can be pleased with a few chestnut trees here and there.

In Game DescriptionEdit

The call of "chick a dee dee dee" may make the chickadee sound vain, but this bird codes a lot of information through subtle inflexions. Those non-fluent in chickadee may mean to tell where to find a stash of berries and seeds-this bird's favorite, yet instead cry wolf.

Favorite FoodsEdit

Beech Nuts






Common names in gameEdit