A family of deer on SimAnimals Wii

The deer. The brisk and agile deer. Long legs, slender bodies, and the males sprout horns called antlers which can be used to fight other deer and predators. Bears are the main issue, along with their partner in crime, the wolf. Deer trot care-free through the forest, eating plants and nuts, their herbivorus diet providing nourishment. Males are called bucks, Females are called does and Babies are known as fawns. Deer mainly are native to Foggy Creek and Big Rock. But they also roam around to Snobby Manor and even Old Orchard if food is available.

In Game DescriptionEdit

It's easy for swift and graceful deer to keep trim as they're strict herbivores. This doesn't mean they're pushovers, of course, for their lithe bodies are all muscle. Male deer even brandish built-in weapons in the form of branched horns called antlers.

Favorite FoodsEdit

Maple Seeds





They just sleep on the ground, usually huddled with their family.

Common names in gameEdit






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