The duck-a very common water bird. Webbed feet, a broad bill and coarse, oily feathers. Known for their quacking, ducks reside near water-mostly lakes and rivers. In SimAnimals, you can find the duck in Castle Hill where you unlock this waterfowl, but Ducks can be also be seen at Big Rock-they are attracted by the presence of a body of water. Ducks eat most all water plants and a few tree nuts-such as chestnuts.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Ducks take to water like, well, ducks. These mostly aquatic birds are built for swimming across lakes and ponds, where they devour lily pads. On land, their short legs leave them waddling. And for ducks, that's nothing to quack about.

Favorite FoodsEdit

Water Lily

Water Hyacinth

Water Lettuce

Yellow Nymphoid



Common names in GameEdit

Quackles(Male or Female)