The ferret revealed

Ferrets are relatives of the weasel. They are members of the weasel family(including weasels and badgers). They can be unlocked anywhere because they are a cheat code animal(like the panda and red panda) with the model of a weasel. They make the same noises and have the same walk as well, and the same diet. The ferret in-game is a black-footed ferret(Mustela Nigripes).

Appearance and TraitsEdit

The ferrets in game are black-footed ferrets. They have a white face with a black mask, as they name suggests they have black feet and legs. They have a white tail with a black tip. They have long flexible bodies, much like weasels. They have the same body as weasels.

In personality, they are like the weasel in every way. Mischievous, trouble-making, the same diet.

Favorite FoodsEdit







Holes in trees

Hollow Logs

Hollow Stumps

Dead Bushes

Common NamesEdit



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