A family of deer on SimAnimals Wii that originate from Foggy Creek

Foggy Creek is the third land you unlock in SimAnimals for the Wii. It is a clearing with dry, grassy and muddy soil. In the middle there is a small trickling creek that runs through. When you dam the lake in the next land, the creek disappears. It has a very foggy appearance-hence it's name. Some plants that grow in Foggy Creek are Spruce trees, Oak trees, Marshmallow(a kind of flower), Purslane, English Marigolds, Purple Foxgloves and Buttercups. There are already a male and female deer living in Foggy Creek and you are asked to make them mate and produce a baby deer. I've had a family of like 10 deer once if you keep the deer mating and their kids mating and so on. Raccoons and weasels also come to the land.

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