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The porcupine, as seen here with a racoon and a boar.

The porcupine is a medium-sized, plant-eating animal in the Simanimals game. It is first seen when you come to Big Rock for the fist time, and can be attracted to other areas as well.

Appearance and Behavioral Traits: Edit

The porcupine has no fur but is covered in sharp, prickly spines, which range in colour from a pale-tipped, dark brown to a pale-tipped creamy greyish-brown. The spines form a crest on the back of the head, giving this spiny creature its own unique appeal. Its body is well hidden beneath its barbed coat, but if you look closely you can see the porcupine has a rounded-rumped, stocky body, with four shortish, stout legs that end in clever-fingered hands which it uses to eat with. It has a longish, rounded face with a broad, blocky snout, small nose, tiny, almost invisible ears and dark, beady eyes.

Porcupines are a little stand-offish to start with, but if you give them the appropriate food, care, and time, they can be become a good and friendly companion to you. However, they are not very sociable with other animals, tending to stay away from them if they can. If they do meet with other creatures they have a habit of picking fights, and aren't very willing to interact peacefully with other creatures. If threatened by a predator, such as a bear or wolf, they will usually stand up on their hind legs and growl at their attacker, but if they feel threatened enough they will actually fight back with their quills, which will put any hunter, no matter how hungry, off for a good while!

With their own kind, however, they are quite friendly, and easy to socialize with each other. Breeding is also rather straight forward, so you so not have a problem with starting a family of porcupines. They are also quite family-orientated, and always look after their family members, with the parents never too far away from their playful kits.