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Raccoon and a Porcupine

The Raccoon-the burglar of the forest-often rummaging in garbage cans to search for food. They are easily recognized by their striped, bushy tails and the black and white markings on their face that resembles a "mask". They will eat smaller animals such as mice, but are omnivorous and will hungrily consume vegetables and pinecones. They mostly stay to Foggy Creek to play, but can roam to Snobby Manor if vegetables become adundant.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Unmistakable markings paint the raccoon as nature's masked bandit, but this clever mammal only every means to be playful. Preferring fruits and vegetables, the raccoon isn't much of a predator and will only eat smaller mammals and birds when it's convenient.

Favorite FoodsEdit









Holes in trees

Hollow Stumps

Common names in gameEdit


Raccoons(in D.S game)Edit

Raccoons are most often seen in the Backyard and Abandoned Farm. Other than eating fish,they are herbevors. They prefer blackberrys,but also like fish,nuts,berrys,and fruits of all kinds. They can only live in large tree stumps after they're hollowed out.

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