Weasel hunting rabbit

The weasel might be small and cute but really, the weasel is a ferocious predator! It feeds on birds, small rodents and even opossums in the game! The weasel is released in Foggy Creek with the deer and the raccoons, but can relocate if food options are accessible. In the game, they will also feed on Spruce pinecones and other tree nuts. Weasels can be eaten by wolves, bears, and owls.

Appearance and TraitsEdit

Weasels are small animals with a long and flexible body, short legs, and beady eyes. They have a white stomach and brown tail, back, and head.

In personality, weasels are predatory rascals and like to make trouble. They are notorious pranksters that like to hunt small animals like hedgehogs and rabbits.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Nature's most rascally predator may appear slinky but the weasel is all muscle and always coiled to spring into action. This mischevious mammal is known to sneak up and scare smaller prey and even much larger animals.

Favorite FoodsEdit







Holes in trees

Hollow Logs

Hollow Stumps

Dead Bushes

Common names in GameEdit



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